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Commercial Court Interpreters

Commercial Court Interpreters

This company is the number one provider of Court and legal conference interpreters in person across Greater London and the South of England, by number of interpreters dispatched each day, the size and scope of our database of interpreters, and the quality of our interpreters.

Over the last twelve years, the company has dispatched interpreters for over 40,000 bookings in Courts of law and solicitors’ offices, many of these bookings lasting continuously for weeks or months.

Our interpreters attend hearings and conferences relating to complicated, commercial disputes at the High Court in London and private disputes in the County Courts.

We also have interpreters that specialise in translating in family disputes at The Principal Registry of the Family Division, and in criminal matters in the criminal Courts.

Uniquely in the market, only LOMER Translations is able to supply large numbers of interpreters simultaneously in the same language in response to a particular event, as well as being able to provide interpreters in some of the world’s rarest or least spoken languages.

Over the last decade, we have served almost every Court and solicitors’ office in the Greater London area.

As one of the longest established London agencies, many of our interpreters have worked for us regularly for over a decade. In doing so, they have gained unparalleled legal interpreting experience.

Working closely with our interpreters, we take a pride that they are punctual, courteous, reliable and well-presented and that their interpreting meets the standards of accuracy expected by all parties at Court.

Well-capitalised, we pay all our interpreters within 14 days.