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Shipping Arbitration


We Deploy Interpreters Specifically Skilled In Shipping Arbitration Cases.

Interpreters For Shipping Arbitration

For over twenty years, LOMER Translations has provided interpreters for shipping arbitrations.
Our interpreters are recruited from the major shipping carriers and their advisors and have experience in both dry and wet work. We provide interpreters directly to carriers as well as to their representatives.
Our interpreters are familiar with the technology of recurrent areas of dispute, including casualty, salvage, bills of lading, charter-parties, contracts of affreightment, piracy and arrest.
Where disputes arise, our interpreters have experience of interpreting at the High Court, the Rolls Building and at Arbitration Tribunals under the rules of LMAA and LCIA.

London is fortunate to boast unparalleled shipping arbitration facilities, ranging from the quality of the arbitrators and advisors to access to modern technology and modern arbitration rooms.
We seek to match this quality by securing the most competent interpreters for shipping arbitrations, based on their knowledge of shipping and language expertise. Our interpreters typically have experience of working for a major shipping carrier, or for a port authority or as a specialised shipping advisor.

With rare exceptions are interpreters are native speakers, who have studied English to the highest level and acquired further qualifications as interpreters.
Some of our interpreters are additionally very highly educated being the privileged children of foreign workers in London, such as diplomats, ship-owners and businessmen, and have inherited a high work ethic, polished English and an admiration for all things British.
Others of our interpreters have extraordinary hidden talents: amongst our registered interpreters we have West End actors, opera, folk and pop singers, television presenters, orchestral musicians and ballet dancers, all of whom are familiar with the demands of the performing arts and consequently bring a strong presence to the Courtroom.
Our interpreters are experienced and qualified in Court procedure and comfortable with the modern Court technology available in London.

In view of the collapse of Hanjin, we appreciate every booking and offer our interpreting services at very competitive prices. We hope that consolidation of shipping companies, scrappage and increased shipping of liquefied shale gas, will bring a return to the good times!

We have highly experienced Court interpreters in Arabic (Middle Eastern and North African – Algerian and Moroccan), Dutch (and Flemish), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (and Cantonese), Portuguese (Iberian, Angolan and Brazilian), Somali, and Spanish (Mexican, Colombian and Venezuelan Spanish, and Ecuadorian interpreters with experience of the Ecuadorian banana shipping trade).

We believe that the secret of our success is two-fold: our interpreters have direct experience in the shipping industry, and good, clear English. We do not book interpreters who mumble into a captain’s beard or speak in a mid-Atlantic or estuary drawl. Our interpreters are asked to adopt clear, loud, slow, enunciated BBC English, and are instructed to project their voices across the Courtroom to enable a Judge to understand with the minimum of effort. As such, we are confident that we can offer the best possible interpreters to enable justice to be done, and to be heard to be done.

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