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Ibibio High Court Interpreters

Ibibio High Court Interpreters

Nigeria is the world’s 20th largest economy with a GDP of more than $500 billion and has a young, expanding population of over 185 million people.
Ibibio is spoken by perhaps only two million people in Nigeria.
Tragically, speakers of Ibibio figured widely in the Atlantic slave trade. As a result, words of Ibibio origin can be found in African American and African Cuban speech today.

The Ibibio were self-governing until the British invasion in 1904. Known for being independent-minded, Ibibio speakers opposed British colonisation until the early nineteen thirties. Ibibio is spoken in Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State, which is the country’s leading oil and gas-producing state. Hence the Ibibio adage “kwa udua, kwa udua, ukana adada” (in every market, there is an African oil bean).

Ibibio speakers will understand the language of Efik, used in education up to university level. Ibibio has two tones: high and low.
Our Ibibio interpreter has experience of conference and Court interpreting.

We would also welcome applications from interpreters in other Niger-Congo languages.

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