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Japanese High Court Interpreters



The UK’s relationship with Japan is based on mutual admiration and affection and Japan is the third biggest foreign investor in the UK. With the advent of Brexit, hopes are high for an increased cooperation between the two countries. Japanese products are highly valued and sought-after and trade disputes are rare.

LOMER has arranged Japanese interpreters for conferences and in a few cases where disagreements and disputes have arisen.
Our Japanese interpreters hold excellent university-level qualifications in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, such as the prestigious MA in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath and the highly-regarded MA in Interpreting from London Metropolitan University.

Our Japanese interpreters are well-prepared and consequently can command high fees.

We have extensive experience of providing Japanese interpreters for the High Court and arbitration bodies. In particular, we can demonstrate that our Japanese interpreters have experience in the following sectors:

  • Banking, including equities, foreign exchange, commodity futures and monitoring credit lines. LOMER has recently provided an interpreter in London for one of the most fiercely contested Japanese banking cases of the 2009 financial crisis
  • Financial Conduct Authority and Office of Fair Trading
  • Automotive, including cars and motorbikes and share acquisitions relating to such companies
  • Meetings of Japanese train companies with Transport for London
  • Industrial electrical cabling for use in Underground Metro tunnels
  • Data Protection Regulation
  • Life Insurance: experience of working for Nippon Life Insurance and Dai-ichi Life Insurance


We can also arrange interpreters in the major Japanese cities and Singapore.

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