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Hebrew High Court Interpreters

Hebrew High Court Interpreters

LOMER is London’s leading provider of High Court Interpreters in Hebrew.

We have by far the most experienced Hebrew interpreter in the market on our books, an interpreter who has worked in three jurisdictions over a period of circa forty years. This Hebrew interpreter has worked in the jurisdictions of England, Los Angeles and Israel.

Our interpreter has a BA in Arabic and History of the Middle East from SOAS and completed the Law for Translators Course at Westminster University and has a Diploma in Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She has also been examined as a Hebrew and French interpreter by the Los Angeles District Court and US Federal Court (Ninth Circuit).

Our Hebrew interpreter has experience of interpreting in recurring areas of dispute including for:

  • Property, including Joint Ventures and Construction Companies
  • Maritime, including shipping discharge in docks
  • Oil, including faulty petrol and oil leaks
  • Professional negligence, including of a scuba-diving instructor employed by a well-known holiday company
  • Medical and dental disasters

Our fees are market-sensitive and competitive.

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