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Uzbek High Court Interpreters

Uzbek High Court Interpreter

Our Uzbek interpreter has extensive High Court interpreting experience having previously obtained a bachelor’s law degree in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

Upon graduation in Tashkent, he worked as a notary’s assistant, then as a barrister’s assistant, and as a Court Clerk.

Uzbek is a language spoken by some 16 million people, of which circa 1 million people in Afghanistan. The written language can be traced back to Chagatai, sometimes also called ‘Old Uzbek’, which was written in the Arabic script, and was the literary medium of the Court of Sultan Husain Baykara who ruled from 1469-1506. There is also a strong Persian influence on the language, so that unlike most Turkic languages which have a ten-vowel system, Uzbek follows Persian with a six-vowel system. Uzbekistan was incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1924 and started to be written using the Latin alphabet in 1927. It was not until 1940 that the Cyrillic script was adopted. Nowadays, Uzbek is again written using the Latin alphabet, but the Cyrillic script is favoured by the older generation.

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